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Brand new in stock at Gift House International are the all-new Sasquatch! animal beds – the latest additions to a rapidly-growing pet range.

Having secured exclusive domestic distribution rights for the giftware sector, Gift House International is now offering these original big foot beds in four colours, with co-ordinated, faux fleece lining.

Made of cushiony non-toxic material, the oversized Sasquatch! beds are lightweight, odour-resistant and adapt to temperature; providing both a cool and cosy place for a cat-nap.


Ideal for medium to small-sized dogs too, the award-winning Sasquatch! has been featured by both CBS and ABC News across the pond, and now looks to take a bite out of the European market.

Moreover, movie buffs can currently see the Sasquatch! in all its glory in the hit Disney DVD ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2’ – canine stars Chloe and Papi were certainly fans, and we’re sure you will be too!

For our full range of Sasquatch! pet beds, visit the Pets sub-section of our Homewares category.