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Flowers, chirping birds, gardening and outdoor fun!
The astronomical spring begun on Sunday, 20th March and ends on Sunday, 19th June

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CLEARANCE SALE Hurry while stocks last!

Store up and save your loose coins in style with these distinctly-decorated duck-themed coin banks.

Insert your cash in the coin slot at the top, then twist and pull the feet (or tracks if you have the tank duck!) to retrieve your money.

Suitable for all ages, whether you're a designer, fashion enthusiast or budding artist, there's sure to be a style to suit your personality.
Alternatively, choose your favourite as a charming gift for a family member or friend.
Ready to brighten up any bedroom or study, collect them all and become the envy of your pals!


Our CANAR® range is divided into 4 unique series:


CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black - the four colours of banker duck available in this cost-effective series!
For anyone that prefers their pallette as bright and bold as possible, these blinding florescent ducks are sure to suit their colourful tastes.

Perfect for any sweetheart, choose between ultra-cute Candy, Sweety, Princess and Chocolate-themed designs.

Trendy and funky deluxe designs. These pimped-up ducks are the ultimate in design innovation!

Presented in polybag packaging with hangtag, each CANAR® measures 16 x 12 x 16cm and is made from ATBC PVC Thalate free.
The CANAR® Range is by Dhink® - a lifestyle brand born out of a Belgian concept design team, with years of experience in smart design and consumer products. 

The CANAR® Story
The most universal icon of love and passion is the heart. This icon is used in many shapes/styles and has been the inspiration for the creation of CANAR®. The minimalistic shape focuses on the 'simplicity in design' trend and the 'form follows function' concept. Born on 21st December 2012, CANAR® started his journey in order to discover his own identity. By exploring and travelling around the world, he meets many new friends who teach him about his true identity. This influence helps CANAR® in every decision he makes.

In his journey around the world, CANAR® talks to his new friends who inspire him. To experience everyone’s ideas and thoughts, CANAR® immerses himself into their lifestyle and finds the personal interests they have in common. His heart helps him to make the right decisions and guides him on his journey. 

CANAR® has an adventurous young personality and loves to spend time with others. He believes that everyone’s story and way of life helps him to experience and discover his real iden

Live your life fully, enjoy it, explore the world and love truly!