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IGGI Pop Top Bottle Opener

Removes crown cap bottle tops easily and effortlessly

No twisting or pulling required, simply place the opener over your bottle top and push downwards with a little force to pop off your top!


Billy and Friends Bottle Stopper and Glass Marker Set

The perfect set for a party of wine drinkers!

Never again lose your drink at parties with these fun little friends.
The matching bottle stopper will keep your wine fresher for longer.


IGGI Bullet Bottle Opener Keyring

Crack open your bottle in a shot!

This bullet bottle opener is the same size and shape as a .308 Winchester bullet. Authentic design and finish.


This small and easy to use retro bullet bottle opener will crack open your bottle in a shot!

The IGGI™ Retro bullet bottle opener is the same size and shape as a .308 Winchester bullet. Authentic design and distressed finish. 

Please dont confuse this with a real bullet, it doenst contain any gun powder!

The handy keyring allows you to carry it with you everywhere, so you wont be stuck without it no matter where you are!

This is your bottle opener. There are many like it, but this one is yours!

This novelty bottle opener makes an ideal gift for any beer lover, but also for gun enthusiasts, military personnel, veterans, hunters and bartenders.

Makes an interesting addition to the home bar or to your kitchen utensils.

Made from Brass/Copper with a distressed Authentic finish.


Product Size: 8 x 1.2 x 1.2cm (without keyring).

Product Weight: 25g.
Packaging: Clamshell with colour card.

Opens crown cap bottle tops. Keyring.
Size and shape of the .308 Winchester bullet. Authentic design and finish.
Please note: Not for use on twist crown caps.




Bring your party back from the dead with these amazing Skull Shot glasses.

Each spooky box contains 4 shot glasses!

The glasses have a double shot 50ml capacity and measure approximately 5cm x 6.5cm.

Let the spirits out on Halloween! Pour the most haunting spirits into these spooky skull shot glasses on Halloween.


Glass Volume: 50ml (1.7oz).
Glass Dimensions: 5 x 6.5cm.
Glass Weight: 98g.
Material: Glass.
Cleaning: Hand wash only.