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IGGI Cap Gun Bottle Opener

Pop-a-cap aim and shoot!!

The IGGI Cap Gun Bottle Opener launches crown shaped bottle caps up to 5 metres away!

Just pull back the spring-loaded mechanism on top of the gun until it clicks, open the bottle as you would with any other opener, aim at your target and shoot the cap! Then sit back and enjoy your bottled beverage in style, or in shame if you shoot like a girl.

An amazing little gadget that provides you with not only a bottle opener but a spring-loaded cap shooting gun!

If you love guns and beer then this is the gadget for you!!


Liven up your BBQ party, get a few and have a shootout!
Please don’t shoot innocent bystanders or pets.


Opens all types of bottles with a crown cap, such as Ales, Sodas, Beers, Lemonade and Ciders etc.


  • Create your own drinking games!


  • Fun alcohol based toy for man children.


  • Convenient bottle opener/shooter.


  • Pop-a-cap, aim and shoot!!


  • Opens crown cap styled bottles.

  • For ages 16 years and over. 

Packaging: Blister pack with Euro slot and inlay card.
Product Size: 13 x 6 x 3.8cm.
Product Weight: TBC.
Material: ABS Plastic with metal parts.

Inner Carton Information
Qty: 12pcs.
26.5 x 26.5 x 14.5cm.


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GHI "Solving the worlds present problems"
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This set includes an innovative decanter crafted from hand blown borosilicate glass which can gently spin on an 'axis' within its cradle and 2 matching glasses.

Globe Decanter

Drink the world dry using this classic glass globe decanter from yesteryear.

The hand-blown borosilicate globe will hold a full bottle of your favourite tipple ready to serve in style.

When not in use the globe can be turned gently on its axis as it balances in the glass cradle. Then you can hold the whole world in your hands as you pour out a drink or two.

The glass ball stopper will keep any alcohol fresh with an airtight seal.

The impressive 700ml capacity means it is more than capable of holding a full bottle of your favourite drink of choice, whether that be wine, whiskey or other spirits. Ideal as a retro inspired table top accessory in any games room, living room or study, this whiskey decanter provides a true talking point.

Globe Decanter Features

  • Glass Globe Whisky Decanter.

  • Crafted from hand blown borosilicate glass in the form of a globe.

  • Held in place in a glass cradle. 

  • Glass ball stopper with airtight seal will keep contents fresh.

  • 700ml capacity.

2 Globe Rocker Glasses

Rock the world or spin your drink around the globe with these rocking and rolling glasses.

A pack of two round based tumblers with a map of the world printed on the outside of the glass.

Wouldn't you like to have the whole world in your hands? This two pack of majestic mixology globe rocker glasses allows you to do just that. 

You don't need sea legs to enjoy these wibbly wobbly misology glasses though, as they are now designated to making sure you have a beverage in your hands on the warm days that are approaching.

These unique wobbly Whiskey Globe Rocker Glasses were originally designed to be used on boats to counteract the motion of the waves.
However, you don't have to put your sea legs to the test to have fun with these glasses. Gently rock and spin them, you won't spill a drop of your favourite alcoholic beverage.

Serve your drink and smell its aroma as it swirls in these glasses.

Globe Rocker Glass Features

  • Whisky Globe Rocker Glasses.


  • Set of 2.


  • Rock them from side to side.


  • 320ml Capacity.


2 x colour gift boxes packed in brown mailer box.

Globe Decanter Volume:
Globe Decanter Material: Borosilicate glass.
Globe Decanter Weight: 500g.
Globe Decanter Dimensions: 23.1 x 15.7 x 25.7cm.
Cleaning: Hand wash only. 

Globe Glass Volume:
Globe Glass Material: Borosilicate glass.
Globe Glass Weight (single): 76g.
Single Glass Diameter: 6.5cm.
Single Glass Height: 8cm.
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe.