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...The blanket with sleeves

Warm, cosy and lightweight sleeved blanket, with luxury anti-pilling coral fleece, pouch pocket and carry case. A soft and rich winter warmer.


Warm, cosy and lightweight sleeved blanket, with luxury anti-pilling coral fleece, pouch pocket and carry case. A soft and rich winter warmer.

Oversized sleeves allow you the freedom to comfortably read, snack or work on your laptop whilst staying warm, snug and cosy.

Save on heating costs with this luxury sleeved blanket - ideal for lounging at home, long journeys in the car, even for camping.

Snug-Rugs make a perfect Valentines Day gift.


Made from 260gsm luxury deluxe coral fleece - a richer and softer fabric. 



Dimensions: 152cm x 214cm (60in x 84in). 
Material: 100% polyester, 260gsm luxury deluxe coral fleece. 
Included: Carry case and Snug-Rug deluxe.
Warm, cosy and lightweight.

With handy pouch pocket for your remote control, glasses or mobile phone. Packaged in carry case for travelling.


Snug-Rug Sherpa Throw Blanket - NOW AVAILABLE IN 7 COLOURS!!

...The super soft fleece blanket

Warm, cosy and lightweight, anti-pilling blanket made of the finest 270gsm Sherpa fleece.
Sheer quality and luxurious comfort.


Engulf yourself in sheer luxury with one of the most sumptuously sublime blankets you will ever snuggle up in!

A super-indulgent Sherpa fleece experience, the Snug-Rug™ Sherpa Throw Blanket is pure quality, matching maximum warmth and insulation with luxurious Sherpa fleece comfort.

Keep yourself cosy while lounging around the home and save on heating costs as the cold winter nights set in.

The Snug-Rug™ Sherpa Throw Blanket also makes a cosy companion for camping excursions and long-distance journeys.

Made from the finest fibre fleece in the best-selling Snug Rug range, the throw blanket is anti-pilling on both sides – and oh-so soft!

The delightful feel and unmatched softness of the 270gsm Sherpa fabric makes this tactile textile treat the perfect blanket to wrap up in - and feel truly special. 

Throw weight: 633g.
Throw Blanket measurements: 
127cm x 178cm. (50" x 70")



This is no ordinary blanket!
The Snug-Rug™ Outdoor blanket has to be THE blanket to have beyond your house!

Camping trips and festivals will never be the same again!
The Snug-Rug™ Outdoor blanket with sleeves will Keep you warm and snug whilst at a festival watching your favourite band, or simply lounging on a camp site.

No one likes sitting on wet grass but fear not!
Snug-Rug™ Outdoor has a waterproof outer shell which makes it ideal for any situation. As well as wearing the Snug-Rug™ Outdoor blanket, it is large enough for a few people to sit on, with the black waterproof backing and the soft Polar fleece it makes it ideal to stay warm and dry whilst on the ground.

Dry off and keep warm on the beach after Watersports!
Snug Rug Outdoor is Waterproof and Windproof with a fleece lining which is 
Ideal for use as a robe to dry off and keep warm after a long day of Swimming, Surfing, Canoeing, Sailing or any Watersport! Comes complete with travel case which is perfect for keeping them handy on your boat for chilly social evenings on deck with friends.

Waterproof hat included
The waterproof hat will keep your head dry and easily fits into the Snug-Rug™ Outdoor blanket pouch pocket or any other pocket!

The Snug-Rug™ Outdoor blanket easily folds up into the clear PVC carry case, with Velcro detachable handle. Ideal for travelling or storage.

Includes a waterproof hat.
Oversized sleeves for freedom and comfort.
Front pouch pocket to keep your hands warm and your keys, glasses or mobile phone etc inside.

One Size Fits All
Two Velcro fastening strips which are positioned at the rear of the blanket to secure the Snug-Rug™, keeping you cosy & warm.
(Each Velcro strip is approximately 33cm (13”) wide, making the blanket fit most sizes!)

Ideal For


Packaging: Packaged in carry case for travelling.
168 x 137cm (66” x 58”).
100% polyester.
Outer shell - black waterproof Oxford design with Snug-Rug™ logo print.
Inner lining - super soft Polar fleece.

Care instructions
Please ensure you wash before first use.
Machine wash cold (30 degrees).
Gentle cycle.
Tumble dry low.
Remove promptly.
Do not bleach.
Do not iron.


If your child loves Killer Whales or Mermaids these will be a dream come true!

Made from high quality, super soft, fleece fabric.

The Whale features teeth, a tail, 2 pectoral fins and a dorsal fin!
It will look like your child is inside the Killer Whale, or is the Whale!

On both tail blankets, feet fit right into the tail section.

Fits most children up to the age of 12yrs or 5ft tall.

Packaged in a handy zipper carry case for travelling.


IGGI Pop Top Bottle Opener

Removes crown cap bottle tops easily and effortlessly

No twisting or pulling required, simply place the opener over your bottle top and push downwards with a little force to pop off your top!