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Snug-Rug YETI Throw Blanket

...The luxury deep pile throw blanket

200 x 220cm (6.5ft x 7.2ft) heavyweight, luxurious deep pile throw blanket. Super soft & indulgent.

SIZE: 200 x 220cm (6.5ft x 7.2ft)

The Yeti Throw is the latest addition to our fast-growing Snug-Rug™ range!!
Change the whole ambience of your bedroom or lounge with the luxurious Yeti, our beautifully textured throw is available in Polar white / cream.
Snug-Rugs make a perfect gift for any occasion be it Mother's or Father’s Day, Birthday, Valentine's or to simply say thank you! 
Keep yourself cosy while lounging around the home and save on heating costs as the cold winter nights set in.

Packaging: Ribbon/printed front and rear card.
Size: Large 200 x 220cm (6.5ft x 7.2ft)
Material: Deep pile Sherpa fleece with mink fleece lining (100% Polyester). 
Weight: Heavyweight 2.5kg