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Snug-Rug Sherpa Throw Blanket - NOW AVAILABLE IN 7 COLOURS!!

...The super soft fleece blanket

Warm, cosy and lightweight, anti-pilling blanket made of the finest 270gsm Sherpa fleece.
Sheer quality and luxurious comfort.


Engulf yourself in sheer luxury with one of the most sumptuously sublime blankets you will ever snuggle up in!

A super-indulgent Sherpa fleece experience, the Snug-Rug™ Sherpa Throw Blanket is pure quality, matching maximum warmth and insulation with luxurious Sherpa fleece comfort.

Keep yourself cosy while lounging around the home and save on heating costs as the cold winter nights set in.

The Snug-Rug™ Sherpa Throw Blanket also makes a cosy companion for camping excursions and long-distance journeys.

Made from the finest fibre fleece in the best-selling Snug Rug range, the throw blanket is anti-pilling on both sides – and oh-so soft!

The delightful feel and unmatched softness of the 270gsm Sherpa fabric makes this tactile textile treat the perfect blanket to wrap up in - and feel truly special. 

Throw weight: 633g.
Throw Blanket measurements: 
127cm x 178cm. (50" x 70")