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Final Touch

Final Touch Flights Decanter Set

Enjoy a Selection of Wines!

Become the ultimate host by offering your guests a unique wine tasting experience.
Pricing SRP: £39.99
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Minimum Order: 4
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Product Details Product Code: GH-JFDS
Packaged Weight (kg): 2.60
Packaged Dimensions: 47 x 16 x 18cm
Barcode: 0886245004917
Carton Qty: 4
Carton Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 39cm
Carton Weight (kg): 10.50
Pallet Qty: 0

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Wine flights is a term used by wine tasters to describe a selection of wines.

Become the ultimate host by offering your guests a unique wine tasting experience: Separate wine by region, by type of grape or pair a different wine with each course of your dinner.

Separate the wine any way your imagination inspires you.

A perfect gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines!

Tasting Size
Each mini decanter holds 1/3 of a standard size 750ml bottle of wine.

Accelerated Decanting
With only 1/3 of a bottle per decanter, the traditional decanting process can be completed in just 1/3 of the time.

A flight can include anywhere from three or four wines to upwards of 50. The number of wines, the way they are presented and their quality usually depends on the context in which they are served. They may be offered in tasting bars, in restaurants, or at wineries or special events.

Flights will often be based around a central theme, but may also just be a chance to try a number of different types of wine.

Included: 3 x 250ml mini decanters and one slate serving tray.
Product Dimensions: Decanter: 14 x 10cm Tray: 14 x 43cm.

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