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Recycle Factory Train Set

Train Set

Design and build your own railway empire, constructing the track from recycled waste paper. An imaginative and fun, eco-friendly train set.
Pricing SRP: £24.99
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Minimum Order: 6
Volume PurchasingVolume Qty: 144
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Product Details Product Code: GH-DT1008
Packaged Weight (kg): 1.13
Packaged Dimensions: 30.5x20.5x11.5
Barcode: 5060129444838
Carton Qty: 6
Carton Dimensions: 33x37x44cm
Carton Weight (kg): 6.80
Pallet Qty: 0

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Design and build your own railway empire, with this imaginative and eco-friendly train set.

The acclaimed Recycle Factory Railway Set has received plaudits for its innovative green concept and award-winning design.

Create your own track by recycling waste paper, using the kit provided.

Once your route is complete, the delightful locomotive can start its environmentally-friendly journey.

A perfect way to dispense with scrap paper, bills and other documents, the Recycle Factory Railway Set is a wonderful way of teaching little ones the benefits of recycling.

The set contains straight, curved and intersection track moulds, with a range of colourful pop-out accessories - ranging from barriers and trees to signals and signs.

Three attachable cargo wagons allow your train to transport small quantities of sweets, coins or other pint-sized freight all around your rail network.

The size of your railway is potentially limitless.

Navigate your living room, bedroom or an entire floor.

You construct the track, with a variety of twists, turns and intersections adding to the fun.

The result is your own unique railway.

The Recycle Factory Railway Set removes the need to buy new, replacement or extra track parts.
Should a piece of track ever break, it can be recycled, reshaped and reused.

Comes with clear instructional diagrams, the Recycle Factory Railway Set arrives in gorgeous, imaginative display packaging.

To build your track, in six simple steps…
1. Tear up your scrap papers and place into the blending bowl, with water.
2. Turn the handle, blending for 2-3 minutes.
3. Pour the resulting slurry into your track mould of choice.
4. Compress using the drainer dish to drain away the water.
5. Lift your paper track piece from the mould.
6. Put it under direct sunlight to dry, and repeat for further pieces.

1 x Train.
3 x Flat carriages.
1 x Straight track mould.
1 x Curved track mould.
1 x Junction track mould.
1 x Paper blender.
1 x Drainer dish.
1 x Pop-out accessories sheet.

Requires: 1 x AA battery (not supplied).
Age Restriction: Recommended for ages 6+.
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