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in a Saab 9000

SoundRacer Exclusive to GHI

SoundRacer V12 - Ferrari 512

Car Gadget

Innovative FM transmitter that fills your car with real engine sound as you drive. Plug in and turn your motor into a roaring Ferrari supercar!
Pricing SRP: £29.99
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Minimum Order: 5
Volume PurchasingVolume Qty: 120
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Product Details Product Code: GH-SRV12
Packaged Weight (kg): 0.22
Packaged Dimensions: 5.5x11x15cm
Barcode: 7340051901035
Carton Qty: 40
Carton Dimensions: 59x32x24cm
Carton Weight (kg): 8.80
Pallet Qty: 0

Innovative FM transmitter with AUX out facility that fills your car with real Ferrari 512 V12 engine sound as you drive. Plug in and turn your motor into a roaring Itallian supercar!

Powerful engine and exhaust sounds once gave the great cars their distinct personality.

However, noise, comfort and environment restrictions have led to these sounds being suppressed in the modern vehicle – until now!

Developed in Scandinavia, SoundRacer is a special piece of technology, honed by countless months of research, development and testing.

This innovative car FM transmitter fills your vehicle with super sports car sound that roars and rumbles as you drive.

With a convincing, authentic racing-tuned engine noise, and superior function and sound quality, you’ll soon feel like you’re driving an actual Ferrari!

Thrill and astound your passengers as the realistic sound adjusts to speed, shifting as you accelerate, decelerate or pause.

Retailing at little more than a standard FM transmitter, SoundRacer works in almost any car – be they gasoline, diesel or flexifuel, manual or automatic.

Now even easier to connect to your car audio system, using the aux socket you can connect the SoundRacer directly to your car's aux in socket using the supplied cable or plug into the cigarette lighter socket, select a frequency for the car stereo receiver and turn up the volume!

Liven up the work commute, the school run or simply a pleasure drive.  Environmentally sound, everyone can enjoy an authentic Ferrari experience at a tiny fraction of the cost!  Recorded from a real 1980 Ferrari 512BBLM, this is the perfect gift for fans of the ultimate brand.

Conductor Herbert von Karajan once told Enzo Ferrari “When I hear your 12 cylinders, I hear a burst of harmony no conductor could ever recreate”. Now this unique experience can be yours.Start your engine!

Makes a great Father's Day gift!

How does it work?

The SoundRacer is a piece of affordable and ingenious technology that works on signals and electrical noise.  Signal frequencies in the electrical cables running from the AC alternator follow the engine speed.  The SoundRacer detects these signals and transforms them into a simulated RPM.  The increase in the simulated RPM multiplied by a factor of 3 then produces a more exciting acceleration impression – all done without running the car’s engine at a higher RPM.  The SoundRacer then generates an incredibly realistic super-sports car sound that changes according to the rev point of the car i.e. idle, acceleration at lower/higher RPM and deceleration.

How easy is it to install?

Never before has it been so easy and affordable to make a car feel as a muscle car.  Set up in a minute, easy as 1-2-3 and then you are ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of hearing the impressive engine sounds of a famous sports car.

1. Plug in the SoundRacer in the car 12V/cigarette lighter socket.

2. Find a free FM frequency on the car stereo and set the SoundRacer to the same frequency. Some models can  also connect to the radio AUX input.

3. Start engine and make a short rev to about 3000 rpm and down. Three beeps will  indicate that SoundRacer have synchronized with the car engine rpm.
Now you are ready to go!

How cool is that?!

...And the SoundRacer offers even more: if you have an older FM car radio system which does not have an external audio device function, you can use the SoundRacer to listen to music from your mp3 player, as it has a 3.5mm stereo line-in cable.
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